Extracurricular Activities


At PHA, we believe that if there is any activity that has the potential to unlock children’s mastery of any subject, it is reading. We have therefore, instituted a reading programme code named #Read2Achieve to drive the agenda of instilling a strong reading culture among learners, and among staff alike by extension. Each learner is assigned a storybook at the beginning of each month and supervised to do effective reading and produce a review of the book by the end of the month in order to pick a new book of choice. So far, #Read2achieve has been a great success.

Arts Club

Our Art club is an exciting place which aims to ignite creativity in all our learners so they are confident enough to display their talents. That is why at our club, we ensure that learners are given the attention and platform to express themselves freely through art and crafts. Art opens our hearts and minds to possibilities and fuels our imagination. During activities we learn to create new things and experience art in different ways.

Robotics Club

Our Robotics club has a budding modern ICT laboratory which has laptops, projector, sound system, robotics tools and other essentials for effective inculcation of requisite knowledge and skills into learners. Robotics club is subdivided into the coding phase and the hardware phase which aims to provide interested Students with the skill to develop and program their robot. We introduce our students to programming concepts (coding phase) and then move them to the robot assembling or hardware phase. Our Robotics club essentially improves the creativity and problem-solving ability of the students as they learn to use their available knowledge and resources to provide creative solutions. We also aim to create a passion for technology among every age group, starting with year 1 upward.

Academic Resources